The Collier County Tax Collector's Office is proud to bring you the convenience of online payments. Presently, our office accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express, as well as Debit Cards with a credit company logo on it for the following online transactions:

- Vehicle Registration Renewals

- Vessel (boat) Registration Renewals

- Mobile Home Registration Renewals

- Current Property Taxes

- Delinquent Tangible Taxes (Warrants)

- Tourist Tax

- Business Tax Receipts

- Hunting & Fishing (in office locations only)

Bill2Pay, Inc provides this online payment service and in order to use the credit card  option, you must agree to an additional 2.5% convenience fee per transaction for property tax payment, or a minimum of $2.00, whichever is greater.  The convenience fee per an echeck is $2.50 and a Visa Debit card is $2.00 minimum or 2.5%.  All other transactions are charged $2.50 per $100 and $2.50 for echeck

The Collier County Tax Collector's Office does not collect or receive any monies from this convenience fee. It is strictly a processing fee charged by Bill2Pay in order to provide this convenient service to you.

To conduct an online transaction, just click on one of the menu buttons above. Once your transaction has been confirmed, you can expect to receive your materials by mail within 5 business days.

The online payment validation only confirms your transaction with the Tax Collector's Office and does not replace or serve as a temporary substitute for a valid registration, tag and/or decal, property tax receipt, business tax, or hunting/fishing license.

Individuals who engage in activities or operations that require a valid registration, tag and/or decal, business tax, or hunting/fishing license and do not possess same are subject to law enforcement actions or related government proceedings.

You can expect to receive within 5 business days the accompanying materials (such as a valid registration, tag and/or decal, business tax, or hunting/fishing license) which authenticates your payment obligation and lawful compliance.

Receipts are not mailed for property tax payments but, you can go to the Tax Search tab and print your receipt after the payment has been posted.

Online payment Information for Property Taxes

There is a charge of 2.50% or a minimum of $2.00 per transaction to provide this service. This fee is charged by Bill2Pay, Inc to provide this service.

Attention: At this time, only one property tax payment can be processed per online transaction. Tax payers who own multiple parcels, or who own real estate and tangible personal property, etc., should have more than one tax bill. In such instances, owners will need to conduct a separate online transaction for each tax bill. A convenience fee of 2.50% or a minimum of $2.00 is required per transaction in addition to the regular taxes or fees due.